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Live Transfers are the perfect solution for debt agents of all levels who are looking to increase their customer base. This program offers a high return on investment with a steady increase in new customer acquisitions.

Our Live Transfer Debt Leads immediately connect you with qualified debt holders in your states. All applicant information is phone verified and our highly trained staff critiques each debt lead before it's transferred to you for guaranteed lead accuracy.

The qualifying process starts out with an initial phone screening and is immediately followed up with a second verification by our staff. After the debt holder has passed our two step screening process and is ready to speak with a lender, the call is transferred to you instantly.

We gather data of known debt holders in your states who are looking for professional debt assistance.

Debt applications are screened in our database and qualify if they meet selected criteria.

Our call center agents contact the debt holders and review the application to confirm interest.

Once confirmed, a detailed debt application is collected and the call is transferred directly to the loan officer.


Our rigid lead qualification process ensures that you spend your time speaking to the most qualified debt holders. Forbes Marketing Group uses very specific debt holder data which is profiled on current creditor variables, existing debt amounts, current delinquencies, and other key demographic factors. In result, our targeted lists help our clients draw more applications and close more sales.

Using our secure lead-retrieval system, complete Live Transfer details are simultaneously uploaded into your designated lead portal account as the call is being transferred.  Our lead portal system not only allows you to view lead details in real-time, but you can export or print each lead, manage your account with 24-hour access, get confirmation on all leads delivered and track any returns.

Experienced debt agents average conversion rates of 18% and higher.


Live Transfers @ $48 per transfer
$40 per call back

**50 Lead Minimum**
Volume discounts will be considered.

Forbes Marketing Group Inc.
1770 South Randall Road
Suite A – 199
Geneva, IL 60134-4646
Phone: (630) 542-8790

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