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LIVE TRANSFER Program Features:

Live Transfers have been introduced to create a greater transparency between the call center and the mortgage broker.  The Live Transfer process acts as a distribution gateway to increase productivity by having the telemarketer, prospect, and the loan officer connect after pre-qualification.

This type of lead is for lenders of all levels who are looking to increase their customer base.  You can expect a high return on investment with a steady increase in loan originations.

Detailed real-time reporting

Leads stored in a secure lead portal for instant access

Fully integrated sales scripting

Simple user interface

Highest closing ratios reported

The Transfer Process:

  1. Our call center makes contact with a prospective borrower (calling on behalf of your company).

  2. The borrower answers a series of qualifying questions.

  3. The call center representative verifies the vital components of the borrower's data (i.e., address, property type, loan type, rate, state, and reason for refinance).

  4. Telemarketer confirms that the borrower is interested in immediately speaking with a mortgage specialist.

  5. Using our secure lead-retrieval system, we upload the complete Live-Transfer details into your designated lead portal account on our secure system.

  6. The call center representative then informs the loan officer (who is logged into our management system) that a call is coming through.

  7. Transfer is delivered directly to the loan officer.

  8. Easily track, manage and convert your transfers into sales with our user-friendly portal.

  9. Our Quality Control Staff reviews all leads and sound files upon request and issues replacements as needed.

  10. Experienced loan officers average conversion rates of 18% and higher.

Sample Lead:

You can view a sample lead by clicking here.


Live Transfers @ $78 per transfer
$68 per call back

**50 Lead Minimum**
Volume discounts will be considered.

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1770 South Randall Road
Suite A – 199
Geneva, IL 60134-4646
Phone: (630) 542-8790

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